The cleaning of laser optics is crucial for ensuring clear vision and maximum performance. Our category offers products specifically designed to clean laser optics effectively and gently. Explore our range and learn how to clean your laser optics with ease and precision to ensure clear vision and optimal performance.

LF-OPTI-CLEAN - Für kristallklare Sicht und strahlende Oberflächen
Erleben Sie ultimative Reinheit mit unserem LF-OPTI-CLEAN. Dieses hochwertige Reinigungsmittel wurde speziell für die gründliche und schonende Reinigung von optischen Oberflächen entwickelt. Egal, ob Brillengläser, Kameralinsen, Mikroskope oder andere empfindliche Glasoberflächen - LF-OPTI-CLEAN sorgt für streifenfreie Sauberkeit und optimale Sicht. Advantages: Effective Cleaning: Effortlessly removes grease, fingerprints, dust, and other impurities. Gentle on Surfaces: Specially formulated to prevent scratches or damages. Forms Protective Layer: Encapsulates dirt particles and allows for easy removal. Versatile: Ideal for glasses, camera lenses, microscopes, binoculars, and other optical devices. Instructions for Use: Preparation: Ensure that the surface to be cleaned is dry and free of large impurities to avoid scratches. Work in a well-ventilated area and avoid contact with open flames or hot surfaces. Application: Evenly moisten the optics with LF-OPTI-CLEAN. Wait for approximately 5-15 minutes, depending on the thickness of the layer. The liquid will form a skin that encapsulates dirt particles. Once the skin begins to detach, remove it along with the encapsulated dirt and grease using tweezers. Safety Instructions: Do not inhale: Use LF-OPTI-CLEAN in well-ventilated areas and avoid inhaling vapors. Avoid skin contact: Wear protective gloves if you have sensitive skin. Avoid eye contact: If the product gets into your eyes, rinse with plenty of water and seek medical advice. Flammable: Keep away from ignition sources - do not smoke. Ensure proper sealing of LF-OPTI-CLEAN and store it out of reach of children. Experience the unmatched cleaning performance of our LF-OPTI-CLEAN and enjoy a clear view of the things that matter to you! Order now and benefit from sparkling cleanliness. Main Data EAN: 4055132009991 Technical Parameters Storage Temperature: 0°C - 50 °C Mechanical Parameters Weight: 10 g